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DebtNet is a commission based pre-legal debt collection agency which assists individuals, businesses and organisations to effectively recovery overdue debts. We offer an opportunity for a third involvement in the collection of the debt, prior to the involvement of a legal firm and the costs (regardless of recovery) involved in the legal process. Also your Clients may view immediate legal involvement as an unwarranted escalation of the collection process. Our third party collection service allows for an effective interim solution that allows you to pass your debts to a third party in the knowledge that you will only incur minimal costs unless your debt is recovered. Also your valuable Clients have the opportunity to pay sums due while maintaining your client customer relationship.

In DebtNet’s 20 years in business it has been our experience that a significant percentage of Debtors will respond to a third party involvement in the collection process. From a cost prospective, the cost to you will be more than covered by amounts recovered from the Debtors.

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For many businesses outstanding invoices are their largest asset. Overdue bills are a nuisance and a distraction from what you and your staff should be doing. Late payments will always occur whether due to a client’s inability to pay or, more frustratingly, because of a customer’s management policy to deliberately exceed agreed credit terms. The cost of late payments can have a debilitating effect on a company’s cash flow and it’s ability to trade effectively. DebtNet can effectively help recover overdue debt for you.

The debt collection process works as follows. A combination of letters (minimum four letters), emails and phone calls are sent and made to the debtor. Since each debt is different, the debt collection procedure will vary from case to case, although we have found that the follow up telephone calls (after office hours, where necessary) tend to be most effective in the collection process. The collection effort is escalated with each attempt to collect, in the last instance recommending to the debtor immediate payment, or face the possibility of legal proceedings and the implications and costs thereof.

For additional information on our fully customisable debt recovery service, SPEAK with our overdue money collection expert today.

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Why Use DebtNet ?

DebtNet understands that the debt collection process is a critical interface with your customers. We, therefore, offer an extremely professional and ethical approach to ensure that we eliminate all risk of negatively influencing your customer relationship. Our experienced people allow for a personal approach, which protects and maintains a positive relationship between you and your valuable customer, who may simply be a slow payer.

By investing in high quality and experienced people and the most advanced computer-based systems, we offer a service that will result in the recovery of your debt in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our system allows for the process of a large volume of cases on a timely and accurate basis.

DebtNet is an ethical, commission based debt collection agency committed to helping businesses and organisations fully receive outstanding debts.

We can also provide you with tailored reports to meet your specific needs.

What Does It Cost ?

DebtNet is a commissioned based debt collection agency. We don’t get paid until our clients get paid.


€5.00 (plus VAT and outlay*) per debt.

This fee is payable whether the debt is recovered or not.
*Outlay is the cost of postage.


Commission* is charged on the following scale:


* The commission is only payable once the debt (or part thereof) is recovered.

From a cost perspective, you will note from the above fee schedules, that the cost to you will be more than covered by the amounts recovered from the debtors.

Our success rate?


You really having nothing to lose by giving us a try!

Legal Action

We would view taking legal action as a last resort, which should only be considered once all other pre-legal avenues have been exhausted. It is neither in our interest, nor in yours, for us to prolong the process further than is strictly necessary.

Accordingly, we aim to revert to you with a result (one way or the other) in the shortest possible time frame in order that you can take further steps if necessary.

Our collection procedures having been exhausted, we then take your instructions as to whether you wish us to instruct Solicitors on your behalf or close our file.

Normally, there will be a percentage of debtors that will require legal action, DebtNet can provide you with a complete seamless legal service by instructing a firm of Solicitors. In all cases, you will be advised of the Solicitors Fees.

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